AHE Premium Natural Coffee Detox vs Conventional

Formula Consist of special patented formula for detoxing our body and also to provide nutrients and help strengthening our Liver Only Coffee
Characteristic All natural ingredients & prepared with spray-dried process. 1 Sachet of 5g coffee consist of 2.5 to 3 cups of normal coffee Coffee powder which required cooking by the consumer
Consistency It is factory prepared with the exact formula with proper machine and process based on FDA approval standard Unknown
Hygiene Spray-dried process by nature is to produce very fine powder and are very soluble to water without any wastage. The preparation process naturally sterialize the product from any contamination of bacteria before packing into sachets The remaining coffee after cook is not advisable to use it for the next day if is being kept in refrigerator
Beans Only organic coffee beans are being used for the coffee enema and only Robusta Beans are being used for maximum content of Caffeine Some are roasted beans or unknown
Seal packaging Coffee are being air-tight sealed in each sachet to maintain its freshness The level of freshness will reduce when the coffee is by scooping
Preparation As simple as step 1-2-3. Our coffee do not require any boiling or simmering process Required boiling and simmering which takes up time and effort. You may required to bring along many tools
Usability & thoughtfulness Instant way of preparation Require time for preparation
Convenience Travel friendly Too messy